Clubs and Activities

Monthly Program Lunch: Each month we gather with our students, staff, family and friends from other districts to share and enjoy time together. The purpose of this lunch is to increase awareness and promote Deaf/HH pride! It is an opportunity for everyone to interact and play games and to encourage
and recognize student's achievements.
Drama Club The Manchester Program for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Drama Club began presenting annual plays in 2001. Plays are held in Concord near the end of May or beginning of June. This club provides students the opportunity to express themselves through a creative outlet.   
Academic Bowl
Gallaudet University established the Academic Bowl for Deaf and Hard of Hearing High School Students in 1997, with the goal of promoting academic competition among school teams. Quiz tournaments, in which teams of high school students compete against each other in local, regional, and national events, have gained wide popularity among high school.ols and colleges throughout the country.
SPORTS: All students in the Manchester Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program are eligible to participate in all school-wide extra curricular activities (clubs and sports).
Field Hockey Basketball

Guest Performers
Pinky, the Deaf Juggler came to perform for Green Acres and invited our students to be a part of her show.